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Product Description

ewa-marine VLC underwater housing

The VLC is the housing for video cameras with or without viewfinder and up to a depth of 10 meters suitable.

Developed especially for this type of video cameras with very wide and long monitors, the ewa-marine VLC underwater housing consists of a special foil and has an integrated, Optical plan glass pane as a front port.
Ideal for snorkeling or scuba diving (up to 10m), on the beach, in the desert, in humid or bad weather conditions, this housing offers your camera the best possible protection while it is fully functional.

The touchscreen also works with the camera in the housing. The touch screen display can be operated from the outside while the camera is installed in the underwater housing.

The VLC has a armband strap with a handy quick-release clip to make sure it’s always ready to use it in and under water. But also to make sure that it is always securely connected to the operator or cameraman.

The closure of the VLC case consists of two clamping rails, which are screwed together with three screws, thereby sealing the housing waterproof. The practical, adjustable carrying strap is also located on the clamping rail.


How to measure your camera to see if it fits the ewa-marine housing

Length15 cm
Width23 cm
Height14 cm
Diameter of the front port75 mm

You get the following accessories with your new VLC housing:

  • Yellow nylon bag for transport and storage
  • Instruction manual for ewa-marine SLR-housings
  • Desiccant CD5
  • CA-52 Adapter for 52mm filter thread
  • CA-58 Adapter for 58mm filter thread
  • step-up adapter RA 43-52
  • step-up adapter RA 37-52
  • step-up adapter RA 49-58

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Dive depth

10m / 30ft